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 Accord Mortgages: Your Path to a Contractor Mortgage

Welcome to MortgageTek, your trusted partner in the world of contractor mortgages. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Accord Mortgages, an intermediary-only mortgage lender within the Yorkshire Building Society Group.

About Accord Mortgages

Accord Mortgages is a significant player in the UK’s mortgage landscape, proudly part of the Yorkshire Building Society Group. As the UK’s second-largest mutual building society, with assets exceeding £34.5 billion, they have built a reputation for financial strength and stability. With over 4,300 dedicated staff operating in more than 231 branches and almost 100 associated agencies, Accord is a powerhouse in the world of mortgages.

Part of a Trusted Family

Accord Mortgages is closely related to other esteemed brands within the Yorkshire Building Society Group, including the Chelsea Building Society. This network of reputable financial institutions ensures that you are in safe hands when you choose Accord for your mortgage needs.

Tailored Solutions for Contractors

Now, you might wonder, “Is an Accord mortgage suitable for me?” The answer is a resounding yes. Accord Mortgages offers some of the most competitive rates on the market, catering to a diverse range of borrowers, including permanent employees, independent professionals, and, more recently, contractors.

Why Choose Accord?

  • Flexible Underwriting: Accord Mortgages entered the contractor market later than some other lenders, which allowed them to adopt a flexible and realistic approach to underwriting. They are committed to helping individuals who may not fit the standard criteria of other lenders. This means that modern-day contractors have a higher chance of mortgage approval with Accord.

  • Offset Facility: One of Accord’s standout features is its ‘offset facility.’ This unique offering allows you to use your savings to reduce the total interest you pay on your mortgage. In essence, it enables you to pay off your mortgage more swiftly. This option is rare among contractor-friendly lenders, making Accord an excellent choice for those seeking to minimize interest charges.

Learn More About Accord Contractor Mortgages

Ready to explore the possibilities of securing your dream home with an Accord mortgage? You can find more information about Accord contractor mortgages by visiting their dedicated page: Accord Contractor Mortgages.

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Disclaimer: Accord Mortgages is an independent mortgage lender within the Yorkshire Building Society Group. All mortgage products are subject to Accord Mortgages’ lending criteria and terms. MortgageTek is not affiliated with Accord Mortgages but is here to offer expert guidance tailored to your mortgage requirements.