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MortgageTek: Your Expert Contractor Mortgage Broker with HSBC

Unlock the door to hassle-free mortgage solutions for contractors, self-employed individuals, and more with MortgageTek in collaboration with HSBC. We know the mortgage process can be challenging, especially for those with unique income profiles. That’s where we come in to make your dream of homeownership a reality.

HSBC Contractor Mortgages: The Smart Choice

Why Choose HSBC with MortgageTek?

At MortgageTek, we’re proud to join forces with HSBC, a banking giant known for its global reach and expertise. Discover the advantages of choosing HSBC for your mortgage:

  • Tailored Solutions: Whether you’re a contractor or self-employed, HSBC offers a wide range of mortgage products to cater to your specific needs. First-time buyers, experienced homeowners, and those seeking HSBC’s Contractor Mortgages can find the perfect fit.

  • Competitive Rates: HSBC mortgages are celebrated for their competitive rates. Our partnership ensures that you have access to these rates and can make the most of your mortgage.

Self-Employed Mortgage Acceptance

For self-employed individuals, securing a mortgage can seem daunting. MortgageTek, in partnership with HSBC, simplifies the process. We accept various self-employed incomes, including government Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) grant income. Here’s an overview of our criteria and necessary documentation:

  • Sole Traders: We evaluate your average net profit over the last 2 years. If the latest year’s earnings are lower than the average, we consider the latest figures. Required documents include the last two years’ tax calculations (SA302) and corresponding tax year overviews.

  • Partnerships: For partnerships, we calculate the average of the applicant’s share of the net profit over the last 2 years, with the same provision for using the latest year if it’s lower. Similar documentation is needed.

  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s): The criteria and documents for LLP’s with less than 200 partners and LLP’s with 200 or more partners are detailed, ensuring fairness and accuracy.

  • Limited Companies: If you’re a director of a limited company, we calculate your share of net profit after corporation tax averaged over the last 2 years. Similar to other categories, we consider the latest year if it’s lower. Additional documentation may be required.

Companies House Validation

Our underwriting process includes a check on Companies House to validate information. This eliminates the need for all accounts to be signed. However, specific requirements apply for international customers and new business entities.

Multiple Directors or Changes in Business Entity

For businesses with multiple directors or changes in business entities, MortgageTek provides clear guidelines and necessary evidence requirements.

Transition from Employed to Self-Employed

MortgageTek and HSBC have you covered when transitioning from an employed position to a self-employed role. Different document criteria apply based on the transition scenario.

Sub-contractors, Fixed-Term Contracts, and Foster Carers

If you fall under these categories, we have specific guidance on the documentation required to support your mortgage application. Please get in touch with MortgageTek for guidance. 

Kickstart Your HSBC Contractor Mortgage with MortgageTek

Ready to embark on your homeownership journey with HSBC Contractor Mortgages through MortgageTek? You’re just a few clicks away from making your dream come true. Begin your mortgage application by filling out our online form. Our experts are on standby to guide you through the process and ensure you secure the perfect mortgage solution.

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Disclaimer: MortgageTek is an independent mortgage broker and not affiliated with HSBC Bank. HSBC Bank is a separate entity; all mortgage products are subject to HSBC’s lending criteria and terms. MortgageTek is your partner in the mortgage application process with HSBC, providing expert guidance every step of the way.