Metro Bank Mortgages for Contractors: Your Comprehensive Guide to Approval in December 2023

Metro Bank, a pivotal entity in the UK financial landscape, outlines robust lending criteria for prospective homeowners. A thorough understanding of these criteria is vital for a seamless mortgage application process. Delve into the detailed exploration of Metrobank’s lending prerequisites as of December 2023.

Personal Details: Establishing the Foundation for Mortgage

1. Address History

Prospective applicants must furnish a detailed 3-year UK address history, a foundational requirement for contractors seeking Metro Bank mortgages.

2. Age Requirements

Borrowers need to meet a minimum age of 18, with the Professional Range setting a minimum age of 21 and an upper limit of 80 years.

3. Ex-pats and First-Time Buyers

Regrettably, Metro bank does not consider applications from ex-pats. However, first-time buyers, including contractors, are assessed based on standard criteria.

4. Family Dynamics

Immediate family members, embracing parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, siblings, and adopted, in-law, half, and step relations, fall under Metro Bank’s inclusive approach for contractors.

5. Marital Considerations

For residential purchases, both spouses must be on the application and deeds if residing together. Remortgages allow a sole applicant basis under specific conditions for contractors.

6. Number of Applicants

A maximum of 4 applicants are allowed, with the 3rd and 4th applicants required to be immediate family members. Professional mortgage products for contractors permit a maximum of 2 applicants.

7. Residency Status

Contractors must possess permanent UK residency rights. Settled/Pre-Settled Status under the EU settlement scheme is accepted, with consideration for Tier 2 visa holders under specific conditions.

Loan Details: Navigating Financial Terrain

1. Capital Raising

Metro Bank limits capital raising to 90% Loan to Value (LTV) for contractors.

2. Debt Consolidation

Capped at 80% LTV with no Debt to Income Ratio limit. Interest-only is an option for capital-raising purposes.

3. Interest-Only Considerations

Accepted for capital raising, with specific applications allowing up to 90% LTV for designated purposes.

4. Special Cases: Forces Help to Buy, Gifted Equity, and More

Forces Help to Buy is accepted, while Gifted Equity or Concessionary Purchases necessitate documentation and a close family member as the seller, catering to contractors.

5. Interest-Only Conditions

Various conditions apply, including a minimum income of £50,000 and a maximum LTV of 75% for contractors.

6. Joint Borrower/Sole Proprietor and Let To Buy

Consideration is given to immediate family members. Let To Buy arrangements for contractors are subject to specific conditions.

7. Loan Size and LTV Loan Limits

The minimum loan is £50,000, with varying LTV limits based on the loan amount for contractors.

8. Near Prime

Tailored for applicants with less-than-perfect credit profiles, with specific criteria applied, accommodating contractors.

9. Professional Mortgages for Doctors 

Tailored for qualified professionals such as Solicitors and Medical Doctors, with unique income multiples and criteria, extending to contractors.

10. Term and Second Property Considerations

Term lengths range from 5 to 40 years. Second properties for personal and relative use are accepted under specific conditions for contractors.

Financial Background: Understanding Commitments

1. Debt Management Plan and Arrangement to Pay

Considered acceptable if successfully managed and completed for contractors.

2. Debt Relief Orders, Bankruptcy, and Repossession

Accepted under specific conditions, with outlined time frames, acknowledging the diverse financial backgrounds of contractors.

3. Payday Lending and Scoring Mechanisms

Generally not acceptable due to its impact on financial stability for contractors. Scoring mechanisms involve thorough credit assessments, referencing Equifax.

Financial Commitments Beyond the Mortgage: Balancing Act

1. Buy-to-let Mortgages (BTLs) and Childcare Expenditure

Contractors with Buy-to-Let mortgages must showcase self-financing. Childcare and school fees are factored into affordability assessments.

2. Credit Cards and Debt-to-Income Ratio

Credit card balances and the debt-to-income ratio play a pivotal role in affordability calculations for contractors.

3. Debts Management and Let To Buy Scenarios

Understanding the intricate details of debt management is vital for contractors. Debts cleared from the mortgage advance are excluded from the affordability calculation. Let To Buy situations are subject to nuanced conditions.

4. Pension Payments and Second Mortgages

Pension payments, distinct from commitments, do not influence affordability assessments for contractors. However, second mortgages necessitate a comprehensive calculation encompassing monthly mortgage payments and overall household expenditure.

In Conclusion: Your Guide, Not Financial Advice

This article provides an informative guide to Metro bank’s mortgage criteria as of December 2023 for contractors. As lending criteria may evolve, consulting Metrobank directly or checking their official website before embarking on your mortgage application journey is crucial. While this information is comprehensive, it does not constitute financial advice. Seek the guidance of a qualified mortgage advisor for personalised assistance tailored to your unique financial situation as a contractor.